Top 10 Athens Greece attractions

Top 10 Attractions and sightseeing in Athens, Greece.

The attractions in Athens attract more than 15 million tourists every year. There are many tourist places that can be visited in Athens and for most of them, you will need more than just 1 hour to examine.
But if you want to see all the sightseeing there then you may need at least one week. Every year more than 50 million tourists visit beautiful Greece all around and most of them come again at least once in their lifetime.
All that you need for a perfect vacation is surely in Athens beaches, hotels, nightlife, fun centers and much more.
You don't need time to think where to spend your great weekend, trip, travel, family vacation - Athens is your best tourism destination, not only because of its incredible attractions but also for the Greek culture, history, nature, and music.

The best tourist and top popular places in the capital of Greece are:

#1 The most famous in all of Athens sightseeing and attractions is the large hill in the center of the city - the ancient ruins of the Acropolis (Akropolis);
#2 Parthenon (Parthenonas) - is the former temple dedicated to the goddess Athena;
#3 Agora - the center of the artistic, athletic, political, and spiritual life of the ancient city;
#4 New Acropolis Museum;
#5 Plaka - the old historical neighborhood of Athens;
#6 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Mnimeio Agnostou Stratiotou);
#7 National Archaeological Museum (Ethniko Archaiologiko Museo);
#8 Byzantine Museum (Vizantino Museo);
#9 Temple of Olympian Zeus (Stiles Olymbiou Dios);
#10 Benaki Museum.

The most famous attractions in Athens, Greece
Top Attractions in Athens

This is only 10 of the hundreds must-see Athens Greece attractions.

The country is the land that was chosen by the Gods to live in.
Watching this video reveals the beauty of the city and its history which goes back to 4000 BC:

One of the most popular all-inclusive vacation destination everything is from the history to culture to beaches and nightlife.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the best for its historical attractions in our opinion.

It's a paradise for tourist enthusiasts and for relaxing holidays, one of the best beaches in Europe and worldwide are there!

Athens is one of the oldest capitals in Europe with over 3000 years of history and the largest city in Greece.

Its name comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess Athena - a symbol of wisdom. The city is known all over the world as the cradle of a great civilization and the place where democracy, science, and philosophy were born. Today Athens is an important political, cultural, tourist, economic and transport center of Greece.

Among the biggest sights of Athens is the Acropolis, the temple of the goddess Athena. The Acropolis of Athens is the most famous preserved acropolis in Greece and dates back to the Mycenaean era (II the century BC). It is a flat rock top, rising 150 meters above sea level in Athens, and it is believed that it was a royal palace dating from the Mycenaean era (2nd millennium BC).

While you are in Athens, you must visit other important ancient sites and monuments and tourist attractions such as the Parthenon Temple, the Zeus Temple, the Olympian, the Adrian's Arch, the Agora, Syntagma Square, the Roman Forum, the Byzantine Museum, and others. Most of them can be found mainly in the Plaka neighborhood and close to the Acropolis.

Do not forget to enjoy the wonderful hotels in Athens while you are there for excursions or to look for cheap holiday deals during the summer of the incredible pure White Sea.

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